About Blk Owned

We are three sisters Abygail, Alexandria and Ashleigh Montague born (2/3) and raised in Hamilton ON. 

We feel that purchasing power is very important, so we created an open resource for ourselves and the community to find and support black-owned businesses in the Greater Hamilton Ontario Area (GHA). 

It is our mission to Celebrate, Showcase, Explore, Support Black-Owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the GHA.

We will encourage the Greater Hamilton community to come together in support including both BIPOC folx and Allies. Our goal through this support is to empower and create a sustainable and thriving economy for Black owned businesses. This will be achieved through; 

  • Celebration: acknowledge and honour the efforts of black-owned businesses. 
  • Showcase: provide a platform for black-owned business. 
  • Explore: actively engage in the diversity of culture and creativity of the black owned businesses. 
  • Support: empower black owned businesses with the skills, resources, and network to grow through offering workshops, courses, and networking opportunities.