Nine Weeks Later: Reflecting on our Internship at Blk Owned

This summer, Blk Owned had the opportunity to welcome two new summer interns to the team! Introducing Lucy, our marketing coordinator, and Kundi, our program coordinator. 


Lucy’s experience

Hiya! My name is Lucy and I have had the pleasure of being Blkowned’s Marketing Coordinator this summer. Although, my story with Blkowned begins in June of 2021, where I had the opportunity to volunteer and intern with them to help out with social media. An opportunity in which I could never thank Blkowned enough for- it truly has changed my life. 

There are many, many ways to describe the team of Blkowned. Thoughtful, creative, and wonderfully supportive. Being a part of this team has been one of the most rewarding experiences. There’s something so unique about working for a non-profit organization. It feels unifying to be immersed in a community, meet extremely wonderful business owners, and hear what they have to say.

You’d be surprised at the reach and community that can be found online… I know I was! Blkowned began as an instagram page and although it has expanded to in-person events, spaces and resources its roots are established as a result of social media. They have accumulated over 8200 followers and for a city like Hamilton, this reach is amazing. Blkowned has partnered with so many amazing partners, non-profits, and initiatives through instagram and it has been incredible to build a resource for the BIPOC community to tap into and find supportive allies. 

I think what began as a resource, has grown into something much greater. Blkowned is a community, a home, a place to feel seen. It’s a way to support and uplift each other. A place where we can all continue to learn and grow. Blkowned has become a story sharing space, where we can lean on each other. Blkowned is a love letter to the BIPOC community in Hamilton and I am so very excited to see where the Montague sisters (and Virtual Assistant, AKA Superwoman Jac)  take it next. Knowing their beautiful minds and hearts, I can imagine it’s somewhere special. 


Kundi’s experience 

Hi there! My name is Kundi and this summer I had the privilege of becoming Blk Owned’s program coordinator. As summer draws to a close, we’re reflecting on our experience with Blk Owned and have so many beautiful memories to share and hold on to. Shortly after I completed university in the spring, Blk Owned welcomed me to the team with open arms. After reading all about their mission of celebrating, showcasing, exploring and supporting Black-owned businesses in the GHA, I knew this was the right place for me and applied right away! If you don{t already know, Blk Owned was founded by three incredible sisters, Ashleigh, Aby, and Alex, with the goal of empowering and offering more opportunities to Blk Owned businesses.

From the beginning, Ashleigh, Aby, and Alex made sure that Lucy and I always felt supported. We met the entire team early on, including Jac, our powerhouse of a Virtual Assistant and overall right hand woman. It felt like an instant bond was created as I got to know them and immediately we began setting priorities for the summer so it would be one for the books! 

I loved my role for many reasons, but one of the highlights was the amazing events I helped to plan and the people we met in the process! The first event was Summer’s Beginning: A Blk Owned Networking Event, an event designed to bring community members together for an evening on networking. After weeks of organizing, collective outreach, and promoting the event, we had over 50 attendees! Special thanks to Merit Brewing for closing their patio for us! Teaming up with Grimsby Museum and Fresh Image Print, we kicked off our Summer Market Series with Market at the Museum! It was another day well spent with talented vendors, amazing food, and the best music thanks to DJ Moses. Our final market as interns was Volume II: Showcase and Pop-up Market at Pier 8! In collaboration with Pier 8 Pop-ups, we invited 20 vendors and 4 performers to come and showcase their talent! A day long event filled with great music, lots of people, and incredible waterfront views.

Thank you Blk Owned for such a wonderful experience. I’ve learned so much about not only Blk Owned and the huge impact it has made on Black/BIPOC communities, but also the robust and vibrant community that is Hamilton! There are so many incredible businesses and entrepreneurs here who are leaving their mark, and I’m so glad to have been a small part of championing and sharing them with the world!



As we move forward into a new chapter in our lives, we are so thankful to have been a part of such a movement. What began two years ago has now turned into such a powerful force, and we know Hamilton (and surrounding areas) will forever be changed in the most positive way thanks to Blk Owned. We are so excited to continue cheering on and supporting everything Blk Owned does and the community it has built. 

Blk Owned’s official website has all the information you need to keep informed about the incredible work being done by Black and BIPOC-owned businesses in the community. It’s a platform built to showcase and celebrate amazing local businesses you may or may not have heard of before. It’s also a source of key information and updates, like upcoming events and how to register for future educational programs and markets! Don’t forget to sign up for Blk Owned’s newsletter too as you’ll receive exclusive news!



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